We are based in Sydney, Australia and work hard to bring you a unique selection of beauty gadgets and skincare products that will improve your skin appearance and give you a fresher look.

Our mission is to help you look younger, healthier and happier. We believe that if you look good, you’ll also feel good. With that in mind, we’ve carefully designed our line of products.

REGNE is 100% Australian owned and operated. We want to help people to feel good about themselves. We want to help you to look naturally younger, more beautiful and healthy.

Our beliefs

We believe that beauty should not be fake or plastic, we believe in nature and in being naturally beautiful. We believe in taking care of ourselves and that happiness can make people beautiful.

We believe effective and safe skin care is not created by marketing departments, hard to pronounce ingredients, expensive packaging, or outdated technology, but by cutting-edge science to learn about nature and use its gifts in innovative ways.

All our products are designed based on substantial research and scientific breakthroughs. We rediscover nature and use it to make your skin glow and look naturally beautiful. We believe that if you look younger you’ll also feel younger and slow down the aging process

Our Principles

We test and use our products ourselves first to ensure their efficiency and safety and we love them.

We respect the planet and we do not test on animals.

We are inclusive and employ people from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our Promise

All our products are designed based on substantial research and have been thoroughly tested on humans. We can certify their effectiveness and safety. We can assure you will love them as much as we do.

Our Founder

Leslee  Liu, has founded Regne with the objective of helping people to look more beautiful.  Prior to setting up an online business, she has worked in various fields such as fashion, commerce, medicine and health. Despite having a wide range of interests, she keeps returning to the medical and health industry because she loves helping people. Leslee also holds a degree in medicine and an MBA.

After several years of successfully testing on her own skin and friends asking about her skincare products, she came to the conclusion that she should share her beauty secrets with others. Hence she developed a line of beauty and skincare products that can help people restore their youthful looks.